We're on a mission to make an impact, inspire others and change the world in collaboration like-spirited women.

Who We Are

We are mothers, sisters, and daughters of all different backgrounds, unified by our unrelenting drive to push for prosperity across every facet of life. If you’re hungry for change, if you’ve always felt like you were meant for more but weren’t sure where to start or how to take it to the next level, if you’re looking for guidance and support from like-spirted women, congratulations, you’ve found your people.

What We Do

We are a powerful movement of high-achieving, impact-focused women who are leading the charge for a better, brighter tomorrow. Our unique Whole Woman Approach to business offers members a uniquely feminine path to building a business. Connections, expansion, networking, masterminding…PLUS: WE HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

**WARNING** This is NOT a business card “swap-and-drop”, nor is it a pitch fest. If you’re looking for a traditional approach to networking and business…this is not for you.

But, if you’re looking for a community of like-minded and like-spirited women that support your business and your life, well sister you’ve found the right place. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools, techniques, support and direction all rolled up into a community-driven, inspirational launchpad that seeks to nudge you out of your comfort zone and into your “greatness zone” so that you can THRIVE.

The magic formula in this community is that even though life has molded and shaped our experiences, each of us brings our own shared knowledge and skillset to the forefront in a way where everyone benefits.

Women’s Prosperity Network is fun, challenging, and purpose-driven. We could very well be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to take your growth to the next level.

Our Mission

We are a movement and sisterhood coming together in collaboration as a massive force for positive change in the world.

If you’re ready to join like-minded and like-spirited women from all walks of life while getting support, guidance and direction in all areas of your personal and professional development as a high-achieving woman, we’re ready to welcome you to our close-knit sisterhood.

The fact is that while there may be other “women’s networks” and “business networks” out there, none of them are as hyper-focused on mutual growth and improvement as Women’s Prosperity Network.